Hills and Hollows Half Marathon Training Plan

Hills and Hollows Half Marathon Training Plan
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Hills and Hollows Half Marathon Training Plan

Judy Bilbo | Hills and Hollows Half Marathon CoachMeet the Coach:
Coach Judy Bilbo is President and CoFounder of Voltz Lightning LLC. Coach Judy is an IRONMAN Certified Coach, RRCA Certified running coach, USATF Level 1 Track & Field Coach, and U.S. Masters Swimming Coach Level 1 & 2.

Coach Judy is a runner, triathlete and endurance athlete who has competed in various running, biking, swimming, triathlon competitions encompassing various distances from 1 miles to ultra’s distances.  She has qualified for the USAT duathlon National Championship event in 2013 and has podium in numerous events in her age bracket.

She is passionate about life and enjoys working with people to help them reach their health & fitness goals.  Coach Judy has been coaching athletes of various abilities for 4 years and coaching people in health and fitness for over 10 years.

Coach Judy’s Coaching Philosophy:
I’m very passionate about helping my athletes reach their goals. I am as invested as they are.  My job is to enable, encourage, coach, mentor and support my athletes.  I focus on the individual needs and help set realistic achievable goals readjusting if necessary.  I emphasis being in the moment , staying focused and embracing the unexpected. I try to stay current on my profession, researching the latest coaching and training methodologies working with my athletes to find the best solution for them.


Half Marathon Training PlanExercises:
Core Workout Exercises
1.  Glute Bridge
2.  Forearm Plank
3.  Front Toe Drop
4.  Hip circle
5.  Straight leg drop
6.  Side knee drop
7.  Glute clamshell
8.  Squat
9.  Mountain Climber
10. Walking with pulling knee to chest
11.  Walking pull foot back, heel touching bottom
12.  Crossly and stretch touching ground

Running Drills:
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Hamstring Extensions
Walking lunges
Walking leg swings
Front skipping with forward & backward arm circles
Side skipping with swinging arm over and under
Jogging with toe touches
Side Shuffle