A Message from Coach Judy

A Message from Coach Judy
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A Message from Coach Judy

Is everyone excited and ready for Melvin J Fisher Hills and Hollows Half Marathon 5K event, (Illinois RRCA State Championship Half Marathon)?

Hi, I’m Coach Judy. I am President and Co-Founder of Voltz Lightning LLC, a health and fitness I am passionately dedicated Energizing, Encouraging & Enabling a Healthy Lifestyle. I am an athlete and coach. I have been in healthcare for 30 years and since 2012 focused to enabling the healthy lifestyle. I am a certified coach with the following organizations: RRCA (Road Runners Club of America), USA Track & Field, US Masters Swimming and Ironman. Additionally, I am working on completing my coach certification with USA Cycling and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

I am very grateful to have met Marvin Fisher, our awesome race director and to have this opportunity to share in this event with each and everyone participating. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time, if you have any questions or concerns in regards to your training. Congratulations to each and everyone of you for signing up and supporting the event. The history of the Hills and Hollow Half Marathon and 5K event is most incredible and the proceeds are given back to the community. If you haven’t had a chance to read about the race, I highly recommend it.

Running is a passion of mine. I absolutely love it and cannot even begin to explain the freedom and joy that comes within when I am running. Running has been great both mentally and physically. I have had some incredible thoughts while engaged in the sport. It also allows me to work off the excess amount of energy so that I don’t self combust. I believe in taking care of what we have. Each one of us have been given one body. We must be good stewards of our bodies for we cannot trade in in like we can a car, appliances, etc nor can we replace parts that are broken. Our bodies are magnificent and capable of great things, well provided we take care of our body and our training is an overall comprehensive one aligning both our unique physical and mental being.

I believe in setting realistic achievable goals, writing the goals down, displaying the goals so that I can see them everyday and lastly, telling someone about the goal. You are more likely to success especially if you tell someone your goals. I believe in staying healthy and being in the moment, for that moment only comes once. Life is way to short not too and we are not guaranteed any time beyond the current moment. Lets keep a positive attitude and have a great time.

Judy Bilbo | Hills and Hollows Half Marathon CoachTo get started, lets go over some housekeeping items. Please check your shoes and ensure that you have a good pair of comfortable running shoes that support your feet. If you don’t have a good pair of shoes, I would encourage you to visit your local running store and get fitted. Good shoes are essential to staying healthy and injury free. Comfortable and appropriate clothing is also a must although you don’t need anything special. I would recommend investing in moisture wicking clothing. I have found great deal at many of the local stores and are easy on the pocketbook. I picked up one of my favorite running shirts on sale at Academy sport for $5.00.

As with anything new, please see your physician. If you have health concerns that are causing you issues in training, if you show signs of injury, or if you are injured. I would recommend you see your health care provider and hold off training until you have gotten the go-ahead or if the symptoms alleviate.

If you run outside, please stay hydrated and have some sort of emergency contact information available just in case you are not able to communicate. You never know when something might
happen. I have a road ID bracelet with 3 contact numbers. If you don’t have one, you should check them out. They also have an app that I love. When I go for my runs, I typically launch and include my contacts so that they can see in real-time my location. It’s super cool and those that you send the message either via email or text can follow you on your route. My goal for this specific half-marathon/5K journey is to be available to you if you need assistance, encourage and support you as you embark on your training. Again, please feel free to reach out to me at jbilbo@voltzlightning.com. The plan I have provided is a general plan and if you need something more specific to fit you, please reach out to me.

Before each run, I would suggest you do a few things before you start running.

1. Align your spine – in the standing position with your legs together, grip your hands together, palms facing you at heart level. push your hands still grip together straight out away from your body, turn your palms out (facing away from you), lift your arms directly over your head, hold for 5-10 seconds then bring your hands back to heart level, release your grip and outstretch your arms to open up your chest. the goal is to start off with good posture and keep your chest open as not to smother your lungs.

2. Chicken scratch and leg swing – literally, have you seen a chicken scratch on the ground? This is the movement you will mimic. do each leg 5-10 times followed by 5-10 swinging your legs back and forth. this should help you activate and wake up those glutes.

3. Run start lean – with your legs together, start to lean forward at the ankles slowly until you feel like your gonna fall and when whichever of your legs comes to the rescue, start your run keeping your arms bent at 90 degrees. Try not to cross over your arms. I pretend that I have an invisible line dividing my body that I do not allow my arms or hands to cross. I keep my hands loose by pretending I am holding an object with my thumbs and fingers. If you are a gripper, you can also hold a coin loosely in one of your hands. The object is you want the coin to be loose and move. If it doesn’t, you are gripping too hard which could also impact your shoulder and posture.

Have a great run this week, stay consistent and keep your pace even.

Judy Bilbo | Hills and Hollows Half Marathon CoachCoach Judy